Early Warning Safety System

Early Warning Safety System

Approx Price: Rs 35,000.00 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
We are offering of Early Warning Safety System. We are offering our valuable clients an opportunity to save valuable production downtime caused by unpredicted failure of important production back up machines like Air Compressors due to any reason. The failure is failure, reason may be Electrical, Mechanical or operational. The gone time will never come back. The waiting cost is stiff now a days.We have designed an unique Master controller to safe guard your Air compressors. Cost saving is our speciality and aim. In the time and money management world, we guide our client to save hidden cost in the form of un-noticed wastage of energy.

Why it is required?

In Today time, the "breakdown" and "down time" are very unwanted , harmful & worry sum terms in any manufacturing unit.In today's competitive market it is non affordable and very costly affair in tight production and process schedule. It is biggest challenge for Maintenance team too.To ensure the complete protection from electrical and mechanical disturbing factors / parameters, we offer the best solution in "early warning safety system"

How it works

  • It is state of art PLC Based total safe programmed device which incorporates all safety measures
  • Very carefully to safe guard each possible threat parameter. It is well tested several times before final
  • Assembly rolls out.

Special features:

  • Most reliable elegant controller with variety of parameter selection.
  • Indicates Volt, current, power factor and frequency.
  • Indicates fault with audio, visual alarm and text message.
  • Indicates total running in hours.
  • Selection choice of Auto as well as manual operation mode.
  • Emergency stop button.


It is very useful controller to safeguard all major important utility equipments like-

  • Air Compressor,
  • Air Blower,
  • Vacuum pump,
  • Chilling plant,
  • Cooling Tower,
  • Water pumps,
  • Boiler etc.
  • Centralize Early warning Safety system:


Electrical Protections:

  • Safety against single phasing
  • Over current protection
  • Surge protection

Mechanical Protections:

  • Low oil level protection
  • High temperature protection
  • High pressure protection

Operational Protections:

  • No water protection
  • Emergency stop
  • Buzzer ( Audio ) indication
  • light ( Visual ) indication

Other Useful Features:

  • No if, buts, Guiding clear text messages
  • User friendly Stand Alone full proof system
  • Remote distance Cabin access possible
  • Close logical & Instrumental watch on Performance of individual Air Compressors.

Return on Investment:

  • It is best investment as you are saved from -
  • Production down time loss due to above electro- mechanical or operational failures.
  • You can claim depreciation.
  • Liberty from heavy dependability of staff's version of reasoning about the failure.
  • Enhanced service life of m/c as preventive care is signaled in advance.
  • Freedom from heavy Maintenance cost due to operational overseen problem.
  • It is better to stop and wait rather than major accidental failure.
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